Of all the world’s nations negatively impacted by climate change, none are more threatened with total inundation than Tuvalu. The 10,000 strong population living in the 26 square kilometer country is so concerned about looming displacement and loss of territory, in fact, that approaches have been made by officials of the Government of Tuvalu to several other Governments seeking the use of territory to re-establish the country in neighbouring nations should the continued habitation of Tuvalu become untenable. To date, however, no effective plan for the resettlement of the country’s citizens is in place, nor has agreement been reached with countries in the Pacific region concerning the eventual relocation of those who have lost their homes and lands. A considerable portion of the population supports efforts to adapt and retain Tuvalu, but rising sea levels, growing salt water inundation and ever more ferocious King Tides are making eventual resettlement all but inevitable.

DS has carried out field visits to work on the issue of climate change-induced displacement in Tuvalu in both 2010 and 2011.