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Today – and every day – there are tens of millions of displaced people throughout the world who want nothing more than to return to their original homes and lands. With climate change these numbers are set to increase dramatically. Displacement Solutions works to resolve and reverse displacement. We strive to find concrete and viable housing, land and property rights-based solutions for displaced people everywhere.


If You’ve Ever Wondered How to Solve Climate Displacement, Join Displacement Solutions in Ensuring New Homes and New Lands for the Climate Displaced People of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most climate vulnerable countries on earth. One of the most devastating impacts of climate change in Bangladesh is the forced displacement of people from their homes and lands – as a result of rising sea levels, increasing tropical cyclones, storm surges, flooding, landslides and drought. 

But there is a way for these people to rebuild their lives. There is a way out. There is a solution. 

That solution starts with land.

In Bangladesh, Displacement Solutions (DS) along with our partners Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) have travelled across the country, meeting with climate affected communities, discussing their needs and options, meeting government officials, NGO leaders, UN officials, academics, journalists and many others. From this work it has become abundantly clear that climate displacement in Bangladesh can be resolved in many cases through providing access to new land for climate affected communities.

After more than seven years working in the country, as a pilot project to our larger Climate Displacement Land Initiative (CDLI), DS and YPSA have identified ten land parcels near Chittagong which could be suitable as relocation sites for climate displaced people in the country.

Our ultimate aim is to secure sufficient land to support 100 climate-displaced families, one family at a time. The project has identified several plots of land in Sitakund, Chittagong Division, located near a small market town and has good access to Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second largest city – known as the business capital of the country. There is considerable scope for the 100 families to find meaningful jobs in the surrounding agricultural lands, or as day labourers in the nearby towns or to continue their previous livelihoods fishing along the Bay of Bengal.

The initial group of people who will move to this land will be climate-displaced families from nearby Sandwip Island. Sandwip Island is at the forefront of climate change in Bangladesh – suffering from increasing food and water insecurity and being constantly eroded by sea level rise, storm surges and flooding year by year.

Sandwip Island




Sandwip Island



Whilst some people have been able to leave Sandwip Island, the most impoverished and vulnerable have been forced to remain behind. It is these people that will make up the initial 100 families to move to sites in Sitakund. YPSA has a regular presence on the Island and will work with local communities to select, on an equitable basis, the first 100 families which wish to move to the new safe location where they can begin their lives anew.


The location of the initial plot of land in Sitakund, Bangladesh




What you can do to solve climate displacement in Bangladesh 

For USD 8,400- you can personally ensure that one climate displaced family ends their displacement and can start to rebuild their lives, with dignity. This will include: Access to developed land in Sitakund, Chittagong, the construction of a three room house with kitchen and washing facilities, a deep tube well to provide safe drinking water, and a solar system for the house. YPSA will provide ongoing support and evaluation of livelihood opportunities, healthcare and education.

Not only will this ensure that climate displaced persons receive the best possible chance of rebuilding their lives, but Bangladesh and the world will see that solutions to climate displacement are possible. That climate displacement can be solved one house and one family at a time. 

We have already succeeded in raising funds for the first two houses under this project and hope to have assisted 100 families by the end of 2016 and would welcome any support you may wish to provide.

If you would like to join in our efforts to solve climate displacement in Bangladesh or would like any additional information about the One Family and One House at a Time project please feel free to contact DS Director Scott Leckie –

DS will carry out full legal and regulatory oversight of this project and will ensure full accountability and transparency of activities undertaken with your donation. This will include the publication of regular updates, reports and photographs.

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