As our name suggests, Displacement Solutions works on finding solutions to climate displacement. Over the past decade we have been working in the field in some of the countries hardest hit by climate change, from Bangladesh and Kiribati, to Panama and the Maldives. Our work centres around communities whose homes will soon or have already become uninhabitable due to the effects of climate change.

We are one of very few international organizations that works on this issue through practical programmes in the field, as well as through efforts to improve national and international legal, policy, and institutional frameworks. We are also the only organization that focuses on what we believe is at the very centre of solving climate displacement – land. Much of our effort is directed towards finding alternative land and housing for communities already facing or threatened with losing their homes to the effects of climate change.

We work with a wide range of partners, including communities affected by climate displacement, grassroots organisations, governments, UN and other international agencies, NGOs and academic institutions.

Humanity has never faced a greater challenge than climate change. While the most dramatic impacts of climate-change, such as the complete submersion of island states like the Maldives, are many years in the future, climate disasters are already displacing tens of millions of people worldwide every year. Over the past decades, natural disasters have increased in force and frequency, forcing hundreds of millions to leave their homes in a bid to survive. As recent floods, storms, and droughts have shown, the current system is ill-prepared to effectively respond to the enormity of this challenge.

Building on our work since 2007 to repair climate displacement with land-based solutions and planned relocation since, from 2016-2020 DS will implement a five-year plan in five focus countries to secure housing, land and property rights for as many climate displaced communities as possible. Our book – REPAIRING DOMESTIC CLIMATE DISPLACEMENT: THE PENINSULA PRINCIPLES, was published in September 2015 by Routledge.

Join us to find land solutions for the world’s climate displaced communities!

From the first days of DS involvement in questions of climate displacement, we have advocated for land-based and rights-based practical solutions for those forced to flee their homes and lands. This work commenced in 2007 with our efforts to secure some 7000 acres of land on the island of Bougainville for the 3000-strong community of the Carteret Islands, and now forms a core part of our global work plan. DS has worked directly on these issues in a range of countries.

In Bangladesh, we have identified 10 land parcels in Chittagong district that we and our partners YPSA are now seeking to acquire to provide new land resources for the growing climate displaced population in eastern Bangladesh. Our aim is to have the first parcels ready for relocation by the end of 2015, and it is our fervent hope that this method of securing new land resources for at least some of those who are no longer able to live on land they once called home can form a precedent-setting model that will inspire the government of Bangladesh to pursue similar projects at a much larger-scale level throughout the country.

We are also active in Panama, working with the Gunayala indigenous communities of the eastern coastline of the country to find the best way to protect the rights of the up to 30,000 that are now contemplating leaving their small islands for new settlements on the mainland.

We were the first organisation to visit the 6000 acre land site in Fiji recently purchased by the government of Kiribati, and also the only group that has sought to estimate the total amount of land required globally to ensure access to new land resources for the entire current and future climate displaced population of the planet; which lies somewhere between 12.5-50 million acres, or 0.14% of the Earth’s land surface (roughly the size of Costa Rica up to the size of Uganda). DS is now expanding our work on the land sector and intends to further advance the stubble for land across the globe.