A house over one of the borrow pits

Climate Change and Displacement Initiative

The Climate Change and Displacement Initiative is an ongoing initiative instigated in 2009 designed to find practical and viable housing, land and property solutions for...

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Coastal Kids Project

No environmental issue is likely to impact upon the children of today more than climate change. Throughout the world, temperatures and sea levels are rising,...

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Myanmar HLP Initiative

Since its establishment in 2006, Displacement Solutions has been active in exploring the housing, land and property rights situation in Burma. The Burma HLP Initiative...

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War Crimes and the Home Initiative

The protection of housing, land and property (HLP) rights is central to the enjoyment of all economic, social and cultural, civil and political rights. However,...

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Climate Panel - Berlin

HLP Rights Training Courses

Displacement Solutions offers training courses and post-graduate and graduate-level academic courses on a variety of issues. Courses can vary in length from several hours on...

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Panama Principles in Action Picture

The Peninsula Principles in Action in Panama

DS has been active in Panama for many months now. Recently, DS  launched The Peninsula Principles in Action: Climate Change and Displacement in the Autonomous Region of...

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Bangladesh Government Report

Bangladesh Government Issues First Report on Climate Displacement

DS has been operating in Bangladesh for many years now and has built partnerships with local organisations under the umbrella of its Bangladesh HLP Initiative....

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Carlos Arenas Interview (Full Image)

The Peninsula Principles Gaining Traction!

Panama In Panama City, DS has just launched The Peninsula Principles in Action: Climate Change and Displacement in the Autonomous Region of Gunayala, Panama which...

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Burma Pic

New DS Study on Land Acquisition Law and Practice in Myanmar (August 2014)

DS has just completed a 70-page legal study examining Land Acquisition and Practice in Myanmar. Requested by the International Finance Corporation to carry out this...

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Where Will They Go? front cover

Rising Seas-Lost Lands: The WHERE WILL WE GO? Exhibition

As a central part of the DS Climate Change and Displacement Initiative, we have had the pleasure of working closely with long time DS associate...

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